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2018 Nurse’s Week – What Does Skilled Nursing Care Offer the Elderly?

National Nurse’s Week is a great time to celebrate all that skilled nursing care provides to elderly men and women. Skilled nursing care offers far more than caregivers provide through home care. Here are some of the ways skilled nursing care is different.

Caregiver in Perry FL: Skilled Nursing Care

Caregiver in Perry FL: Skilled Nursing Care

Skilled Nursing Care Requires Medical Training.

Skilled nursing care goes far beyond standard caregiver duties. Caregivers tend to do things like help with laundry, prep and cook meals, and assist with grooming or dressing.

With skilled nursing care, trained professionals can help with post-surgical bandage changes. They can administer medications through an IV or shot. They can handle feeding tubes, catheters, and colostomy bags.

Skilled nursing care can be used on a short-term basis, such as while recovering from the flu or for wound care after a fall. Short-term care may be helpful when going through cancer treatments like chemotherapy. You can also hire this service for long-term situations after a stroke or hip replacement.

Things to Know.

Home care services are generally not covered under health insurance policies. If there is a medical reason for skilled nursing care, insurance may cover it. For example, if your dad had a stroke and needs care while he recovers the ability to walk and speak, insurance may pay for all or at least some of that care. It depends on the policy your dad holds.

Skilled nursing care is more expensive because of the medical training that is required. You can usually balance the costs by talking to insurance and balancing the medical care with home care for non-medical requirements.

The biggest benefit to skilled nursing care is that the care can take place in your mom or dad’s home. Patients tend to recuperate faster in a familiar setting. Home is familiar and comforting. People who go home don’t have to worry about lack of care when a nurse comes to the home to provide that care.

Take Steps to Help Cover Your Mom or Dad’s Care Needs.

When your parent is having a harder time with daily activities of living, caregivers help. Caregivers providing home care assist with housework, meals, and transportation. They also become companions who your mom and dad rely on for socialization.

Skilled nursing care covers medical care needs like bandage changes, injectable medications, catheter care, and feeding tubes. Make sure your parent has the full range of care that’s needed to live safely at home. Talk to your parent’s doctor about his or her needs and then call a home care agency to start arranging the care.

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