Become a Caregiver

Caring for others takes a special person with patience and commitment.

Become a Caregiver

Hopewell is a growing company that is always looking for caregivers who are experienced, compassionate, and dependable and have a desire to care for the elderly, sick, or injured. Caring for others takes a special person with patience and commitment, and with that comes a unique and rewarding experience knowing you have bettered the life of another person and given peace of mind to their family.

Why Hopewell?

Being a Hopewell caregiver allows you to have the flexibility you need to accommodate your life. Whether you prefer days, nights, evenings, or weekend shifts, Hopewell Care Coordinators do their best to match you up with your desired schedule.

Unlike working in a facility, Hopewell caregivers typically will not have to care for more than one or two patients at a time. This allows the caregivers a less stressed and more focused setting to apply their skills and provide the best care possible.

Hopewell caregivers receive competitive pay for the care they provide.

Florida Requirements

All caregivers must provide a copy of the following:

-Completed Application
-$73.00 (cash or money order) for Level 2 background screening
-Driver license
-Social Security Card
-Proof of current automobile insurance
-Current CPR certification
-RNs and LPNs only: Florida nursing license
-CNAs only: Florida Certified Nursing Assistant license
-HHAs only: Proof of successful completion of approved home health training course with at least 40 hours of training or successful completion of a competency exam
-Proof of training on:
Alzheimer’s disease
HIV/AIDS (except RNs and LPNs)
Assistance with Self-Administration of Medication (CNAs & HHAs)

Note: Hopewell will provide training if applicant has not previously received