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Can a Memory Cafe Help You as a Family Caregiver?

When you care for a parent with Alzheimer’s, the struggles you face can seem overwhelming. Every day, you face a parent who may be frightened and agitated because you’re a stranger. The loss of words and comprehension can make it hard to understand what your mom or dad is asking.

Many communities have memory cafes. You should see if there is one in your area. While it is beneficial to your parents, it’s equally beneficial to you. Here’s what you can expect from a memory cafe.


What is a Memory Cafe?

Caregiver Tallahassee, FL: Can a Memory Cafe Help You as a Family Caregiver?

Memory cafes are safe places led by an expert in dementia. The goal is to surround families with support while also creating an open environment where you learn how to have fun with your mom or dad. You can ask questions, learn the best ways to interact, and find ways to connect with your mom or dad.


You Stay with Your Mom or Dad

When you go to a memory cafe, you stay with your parent. You join other families in activities, games, musical performances, and exercise programs. You may dance one day and paint pictures another. You do not leave your parent there alone. The goal is to get involved in the activities together.


A Sample Schedule for a Memory Cafe

Most memory cafes run for a couple of hours. The programs aren’t so long that they eat up most of the day, but it’s long enough to have time for a full activity. You might arrive at 10 a.m., greet the other families, get settled, and make flower arrangements with the help of the cafe’s organizer. Two hours later, the group breaks up and heads back home.

There are memory cafes that last a little longer because they include snacks and refreshments. If that’s the case, families are often asked to bring something to share with the others. This keeps the cost low for families. Plus, everyone chips in. Those who aren’t on the snack roster that week get to take a break from preparing something.

Activities vary from one week to the next. You might find that one week you get to meet farm animals and another you compete in holiday-themed trivia contests. You go when you have time. You’re not required to go each week.

Pair visits to a memory cafe with regular visits from trained caregivers. Make the most of these breaks. Go for a walk on the beach, sit outside with a book, or attend a dementia support group. It’s easy to arrange caregiver services. Talk to a specialist to schedule caregivers and discuss pricing.


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Jami D. Eddy

Jami Eddy is the Administrator and an owner of Hopewell In-Home Senior Care. She graduated from Florida State University in 2005 with a major in criminology and a minor in psychology. Jami has been with Hopewell for more than 10 years and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the business.