Getting older can change a lot of things, including a person’s ability to do certain things for themselves, like dressing. Aged hands often don’t work as well as they once did, making it difficult to fasten the buttons, zippers, and ties on clothing. Or, a senior with mobility or balance issues might have trouble bending down to pull pants up or tie shoes. Fortunately, today’s clothing offers lots of options, and some of them are easier to put on than others. Below are some ideas to help your parent continue looking their best.

Home Care in Perry FL: Help with Getting Dressed

Home Care in Perry FL: Help with Getting Dressed

Adaptive Clothing.

Adaptive clothing is designed especially for people with disabilities. In fact, there are garments made for nearly every disability a person could have. Many adaptive clothing items use Velcro for closure or have zippers in places that make access to body parts easier so that clothes don’t have to be completely removed for certain procedures. Adaptive clothing is created with preserving the dignity of people with disabilities in mind.

Pull Over Tops.

Pull over tops can be easier for seniors with arthritic fingers to put on. They eliminate the need to struggle with buttons, snaps, or zippers. Also, there are many pull over tops available in soft materials that won’t irritate or scratch the sensitive skin of seniors.

Elastic Waistbands.

Pants and skirts with elastic waistbands are easy to use because they don’t require seniors to manipulate buttons or zippers. Garments with elastic waistbands can be purchased in styles ranging from casual wear to more sophisticated styles suitable for nice restaurants and religious services.

Slip-On Shoes.

Shoes that require a senior to bend over and tie pose a problem on two fronts. Sometimes seniors with balance or mobility problems feel dizzy when they bend over or the motion can be painful. And, for seniors with arthritic fingers, tying shoes might be impossible. When purchasing slip on shoes, look for those that slide on easily, but still fit well so that they don’t increase the risk of falling. Also, be sure the shoes are comfortable and have non-skid soles.

Skirts or Dresses.

Skirts and dresses are often easier for older women to wear because they reduce the need for bending down to pull up pants after using the bathroom. Dresses are especially easy since they can be slipped on over the head and don’t require the person to stand up while getting dressed.

Sometimes, even when you purchase clothing for your parent that is easier to put on, they can still need help with dressing. A home care provider can assist them. Home care providers can assist by offering the older adult help with balance while pulling clothing on. They can also assist with putting on socks and shoes. Home care providers can even help them with their clothing throughout the day when they need to use the bathroom.

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