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Could Cheese Help Control Diabetes?

Dairy products like cheese are important to good health because they contain many of the vitamins and minerals the body needs to stay healthy. However, dairy products are often high in fat, which can cause weight gain and make it hard to control blood sugar levels. That can leave you wondering where cheese fits into your aging relative’s diet. New research indicates that eating cheese may actually help diabetics’ bodies to better use insulin.


Cheese and Insulin Sensitivity Study

Elder Care Quincy FL: Cheese and Diabetes

The study was conducted by researchers at the University of Alberta in Canada and used prediabetic rats as study subjects. The researchers wanted to know how eating cheese impacts the way the body uses insulin. To find out, they divided rats into three groups. One group was the control group and ate a low-fat diet throughout the study. Another group of rats was fed regular cheddar cheese for 10 weeks. The third group ate low-fat cheddar for 10 weeks.

At the end of the study, the researchers found that there was no difference in fasting blood sugar or insulin levels between any of the groups. However, they discovered that when they injected the rats with insulin, the rats who ate cheese (regardless of fat content) were able to regulate their blood sugar as well as the rats who ate a low-fat diet.


Dairy and Diabetes
The study doesn’t mean that your aging relative should binge on cheese, but it does suggest that there’s no need to worry about including dairy in the diet of a diabetic older adult. Experts recommend that diabetics stick to low-fat dairy products since a lot of fat can cause weight gain and has been linked to heart disease.

When choosing cheese for your aging relative, make every bite count. Look for cheese varieties that are highest in protein and lowest in sodium. Avoid processed cheeses because they usually contain more fat and sodium. Feta and edam cheese are also higher in sodium. Remember to stick to serving sizes. A serving of cheese is 1.5 ounces.

Elder care can assist seniors to eat a healthy diet that includes low-fat dairy. Elder care providers can use the older adult’s diet plan to create a menu of healthy meals that also take into consideration your loved one’s preferences. Elder care providers can also drive the senior to the grocery store and assist them with shopping by pushing the cart and carrying heavy grocery bags. Elder care providers can even cook for the older adult and keep them company while they eat.


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