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Whether your elderly loved one is preparing for surgery or is recovering, it is important their caregivers are prepared for the challenging road that lies ahead. One of the most common reasons Elder-Care-in-Crawfordville-FLelderly adults end up in the emergency room is for fall-related hip or knee fractures. If the elder is expecting or has undergone surgery for these or other injuries, there are some things you can do to help them recover.

Keep in mind that the length of their recovery will be determined on how healthy they are and how severe the injury was. It could also take a few days to recover from or a few weeks, so it is important there is someone always available to care for them during this time. If you are unable to, an elderly care provider may need to be hired. Here are several ways you or a caregiver can assist your loved one before and after the surgery in order to help them quickly recover from the procedure.


Before the Surgery

  • Know what to expect. Before the surgery takes place, have a meeting with their doctor to discuss everything that is to be expected after the surgery. This includes any physical or mental changes the elder may have, what the worst case scenario is, and how you can help them recover.
  • Know who is going to help. Even if you are able to care for your loved one the entire time they are recovering, it is important you have backup caregivers just in case you are unable to help. These people could be family members, friends, or a professional home care provider.
  • Make changes to the home. There are several things around the home that may be difficult for the elder after the surgery, such as walking up and down stairs. Make modifications to the home to accommodate these new physical limitations. For example, you should move their bedroom to the first floor if it is on the second floor.
  • Have a rehabilitation plan in place. Your loved one will undoubtedly need rehabilitation services when recovering, so decide who will be assisting with this task. A physical therapist may be needed to help. Make sure to interview this professional and check their references prior to hiring them.


After the Surgery

  • Follow the rehabilitation plan. The doctor or physical therapist should have some exercises or tips to help the elder rehabilitate at home. Even if they do not feel like doing them, it is important for the recovery process that this plan is followed. A family member or caregiver may be needed to provide the encouragement and support the elder needs to accomplish these difficult tasks.
  • Offer personal care assistance. They may require additional help with personal care tasks, such as bathing and toileting. Offer as much assistance as they will need during their recovery.


Surgery can be scary, especially for older adults who have a high risk of complications. Providing the support, encouragement, and assistance needed during this time will help your loved one get back to being the person they were before the injury.


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