Accepting help can be hard for older adults. They may not want to admit they need help because it makes them feel as though they are losing their independence. Allowing someone else to assist them can be especially hard if the person doing the helping is a stranger. Unfortunately, that can make the job of an elderly care provider a little difficult at times. However, there are steps you can take to help an elderly care provider form a bond with your aging relative, which can make your job as a family caregiver easier in the long run. Here are some tips to help seniors and elderly care providers to develop a relationship.

Elderly Care in Quincy FL: Bonding with a Caregiver

Elderly Care in Quincy FL: Bonding with a Caregiver

Work with the Agency for the Best Fit.

The first step in a senior having a good relationship with their elderly care provider is to have the right provider in place. One way to do this is to work with the agency so they can match the senior’s needs and likes to one of their staff members. Tell the agency about the older adult and their medical conditions. Be honest. If there’s something you know they won’t like, such as an elderly care provider who smokes, express that to the agency. And, if they have particular interests, talk about those, too. Sometimes having something in common right from the start makes a difference.

Lay Out Expectations.

Elderly care providers won’t know what you want them to do unless you tell them. It may be helpful to be present the first time a new elderly care provider comes to the home so that you can sit down with them and the older adult to talk about what everyone expects, including the provider.

Suggest Activities.

If there’s something the older adult enjoys doing, like playing games or doing crafts, suggest that the elderly care provider do them with the person. When an older adult is enjoying what they are doing, they might feel more comfortable and open to this new relationship.

Get to Know the Elderly Care Provider.

Take some time to learn about the older adult’s elderly care provider. Getting to know one another will make everyone involved feel more comfortable, which can make it easier to discuss some of the more difficult subjects that sometimes come up in senior care situations. And, learning more about the elderly care provider can lead to discovering more things they have in common with your aging relative, giving them even more to talk about.

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