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How Could a Talk With Their Doctor Protect Your Senior from Falls?

Falls can be extremely frightening for an elderly adult. They are also a common and dangerous event for seniors. Each year throughout the United States hundreds of thousands of senior adults experience injuries as a result of falling. Even if falls do not seem serious, it is important to talk to your parent’s doctor about falls so they can determine what caused the fall and give recommendations for how to protect your senior from further falls and injuries as they age in place.

Elder Care in Madison FL: Talking to a Doctor About Fall Prevention

Elder Care in Madison FL: Talking to a Doctor About Fall Prevention

Some ways talking with their doctor can protect your senior from falls include:

  • Find out more about their medications and how they might contribute to falls. Some medications increase the potential for issues such as dizziness, low blood pressure, and more. Knowing about this can help your parent make changes to their lifestyle, such as how they stand up, or can encourage the doctor to change their medications to something without such a side effect.
  • Ask about dietary guidelines and how they might be influencing your parent’s fall risk. Not having enough of certain nutrients can contribute to increased fall risk, as can dehydration. It can help to clarify what your parent should be eating and drinking on a daily basis to keep their body strong.
  • The doctor can give recommendations for how your parent can prevent further falls such as exercises to do to keep their body stronger and improve balance, the type of footwear they should wear to reduce fall risk, and even meaningful modifications you can make to their home to create a safer environment.
  • Frequent falls can be an indication of more serious health problems. Even if your senior is not injured when they fall, letting the doctor know they fell can provide a more clear image of your parent’s total health and well-being so the doctor may be able to detect when they are suffering a serious health issue.


An elder care provider can help your senior take more responsibility for their health as they age in place. One way they can do this is by accompanying them to doctor’s appointments. Safe and reliable transportation, physical mobility support, and sitting with them during the appointment can all help your parent to make the most of these visits. With an elderly home care services provider available, your parent can attend doctor’s appointment without having to work around your schedule, and the care provider can take notes and fill you in after the appointment so you stay up-to-date on your senior’s health.

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