Senior Care in Monticello FL: 5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Aging Parents

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, the question is, “What to get the person who has everything?” When it comes to Mom this Mother’s Day, here are five ideas for gifts that will probably outdo last year.

1.  Scan all her Photos

Since Mom was born before the digitized world, she grew up with photo albums.  Why not take any albums she has now, like her wedding album, travel pictures, all those baby pictures and special events snapped throughout the years and scan them all into a digitized photo album.  What a wonderful time to spend together watching a slideshow of her life.

2.  Get her Home Care

Wouldn’t it be nice if Mom had someone to come around everyday to help her with daily tasks and provide some companionship?  Home care providers perform a variety of tasks that will change Mom’s world.  She will have someone to talk to, to share a meal with, to help her in case of an emergency, to provide light housekeeping, transportation to and from doctor’s appointments and to the grocery store. Really, the list goes on and on.

3. A TV Subscription

If Mom loves watching movies and TV shows, think about getting her a subscription to something like Netflix or Hulu.  Amazon Prime offers many movies and TVS shows included in the price of the subscription as well.  If she has been asking you about this show Game of Thrones that everybody is talking about get her a subscription to HBO.

4. Lessons and Classes

Is there something Mom loves to do?  Is she a painter, a writer, a culinary genius?  Has she always wanted to learn to make soap or take a senior exercise class?  Dig around by asking her some questions without letting her know what’s really going on. Lessons or classes on a variety of topics are typically available at the local community senior center or other community center.  Do some research in the community and see what is available. There may even be someone who does house call classes.

5. Electric Can Opener

What’s more frustrating than trying to open a can of soup with a hand held can opener and it won’t work, even though it is the third can opener bought this year?  If Mom struggles with the can opener due to arthritis or other reason, get her an electric one.  Show her how to use it and watch as it does the work for her. She’ll love it.  And they last so much longer than the hand held ones.


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Jami D. Eddy

Jami Eddy is the Administrator and an owner of Hopewell In-Home Senior Care. She graduated from Florida State University in 2005 with a major in criminology and a minor in psychology. Jami has been with Hopewell for more than 10 years and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the business.