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Your parent’s oral health should be an important focus of your care efforts for them. Taking care of their mouth is a vital part of taking care of their body in general, helping them to stay healthier Senior-Care-in-Tallahassee-FLand stronger throughout their later years. While you know that your parent should be brushing their teeth at least twice a day, and preferably after every time that they eat or drink something other than water, it is also important that they take the time every day to floss.

Flossing should be a part of their daily oral care, working in conjunction with brushing to make sure that they remove debris and bacteria that could lead to tooth damage, decay, and infection. Even the most efficient toothbrush struggles to get in between the teeth and remove food particles, plaque, and bacteria. The floss moves into these tight areas to remove these issues and protect the teeth.

As important as it is for your parent to floss regularly, it is also vital that your loved one approach flossing carefully to ensure the best results while also avoiding potential issues. Flossing too hard can cause painful cuts in the gums. Not only is this unpleasant, but it can also make your parent’s mouth more vulnerable to infection.


Use these tips to help your parent properly protect and care for your parent’s oral health through flossing:

  • Know the proper technique. Many people floss the wrong way. This diminishes the benefit of the flossing and can increase the chances of injury to your aging parent. Talk to their dentist about the proper technique for flossing. If your parent is unable to handle this step or is uncomfortable, a senior care provider can provide valuable assistance to ensure that it is done safely and efficiently.
  • Rinse before and after. There is some debate over whether your parent should floss before or after brushing. Whichever way they prefer, it is important that they at least rinse the mouth with water before and after. Rinsing before will remove large particles that could interfere with the effect of the floss. Rinsing after washes away the loosened debris that was not taken out of the mouth with the floss itself. This helps to maximize the benefit of the flossing.
  • Use the right tools. Any time that you can encourage your parent to remain as independent as possible in their personal care it is a good thing. One way that you can do this with flossing is by choosing the right products. Your parent might have trouble using traditional floss or may frequently injure their gums. If this is the case, consider tools such as single-use flossers that they can grip between their fingers, or a water flosser that utilizes directed streams of pressurized water to clean between the teeth. These tools can help your parent to better control their own oral care, giving them a greater sense of independence so that they are more willing to comply with the care.


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Jami D. Eddy

Jami Eddy is the Administrator and an owner of Hopewell In-Home Senior Care. She graduated from Florida State University in 2005 with a major in criminology and a minor in psychology. Jami has been with Hopewell for more than 10 years and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the business.