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Dealing with Caregiver Loneliness

Caregiver in Quincy FL: Dealing with Caregiver Loneliness

Gwen had a busy social life. She often threw dinner parties for her friends and volunteered regularly at the library in her community. On top of spending lots of time with friends, she also had a great career as a paralegal at a law firm. Then her mom was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or…

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How Caregivers Can Help Fight Medicare Fraud

Caregiver in Quincy FL: Fighting Medicare Fraud

Medicare fraud is costing taxpayers billions of dollars, and it could directly affect your aging relative’s finances, too. Seniors and their family caregivers have the power to help fight Medicare fraud. Knowing what to look for and steps caregivers can take are key to stopping fraudsters from taking advantage of this important resource for seniors.…

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Top 5 Ways to Be a Better Long-Distance Caregiver

Caregiver in Quincy FL: Long-Distance Caregiving

Some family caregivers don’t live close to the older adults they are helping. They may live just a few hours away, or all the way across the country. Whatever the case, they don’t live close enough to make frequent visits to their aging family member. Instead of making frequent visits, a long-distance caregiver may help…

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What Strategies Can You Use to Avoid Burning Out as a Caregiver?


Caregiver in Quincy FL If you don’t deal with stress as a family caregiver, you’re likely to find yourself facing something called caregiver burnout. Since burnout can be extremely difficult to recover from, it’s a better idea to try to avoid it if you can. These strategies can help. Set up a Support Network Having…

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4 Reasons to Look for a Caregiver Support Group Today


Caregiver in Quincy FL Experienced caregivers often tell newcomers to caregiving that finding a support group is one of the best things that they can do for themselves. But why is a support group such a great idea?   You’ll Make Friends Caregiving can be extremely isolating, especially if your loved one needs a great…

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