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Holiday Respite Care Benefits Family Caregivers

Elderly Care in Tallahassee FL: Holiday Respite Care

Are you starting to feel overwhelmed because of the approaching holiday season? As a family caregiver, you are already dedicating a lot of your free time to provide for your aging relative. It’s very easy for family caregivers like you to succumb to feelings of frustration, stress, and worry when it comes to juggling all…

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How Can Your Siblings Get Involved in Your Parent’s Care?

Elderly Care in Tallahassee FL: Getting Siblings Involved

When you made the decision to take on the role of being a family caregiver for your elderly parent, you likely believed that you could take on all of their needs yourself and handle them efficiently and effectively. It is important to keep in mind, however, that most people are not able to handle such…

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How Reminiscence Therapy Improves The Lives Of The Elderly

Elderly Care in Tallahassee FL

Elderly Care in Tallahassee FL Reminiscence Therapy, or RT, is an effective method for helping elders with mental health concerns such as depression or dementia. RT utilizes a person’s own life story to improve their memory and psychological well-being. By recalling beloved lifetime memories, research has shown that elderly persons show a measurable improvement to…

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