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Your Parents May be Fine but Don’t Delay Caregiving Decisions

Home Care in Havana FL: Don't Delay Caregiving Decisions

You see no reason to talk about home care services. Your parents are fine. Life doesn’t come with guarantees. That’s the main reason to talk about caregiving decisions in advance. They may be fine today, but you don’t know what can happen a week, month, or year from now. If something does happen, you’re going…

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Benefits of Home Care for Arthritis Sufferers

Home Care in Havana FL: Home Care for Arthritis Sufferers

If your loved one has arthritis, they are most likely in almost constant pain. Some days are more dolorous than others, but arthritis is a tough thing to live with regardless of the pain level. If your loved one’s arthritis is severe, they may not be able to button the buttons on their shirt, or…

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Home Care-Helping your Parent after a Diagnosis of Parkinson’s


Home Care in Havana FL Parkinson’s causes certain nerve cells within the brain to breakdown. This, in turn, limits the production of dopamine, a neurotransmitter produced within the brain that sends signals that controls movement and emotions.  The disease is slow-moving, but it is progressive. The main symptoms are tremors, stiff movement and problems with…

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How to Inform a Loved One That They Need Home Care


Home Care in Havana FL After many years of living alone and independently caring for themselves, most seniors need help with tasks that were once simple, but have now become difficult. But how do you break the news to a loved one that they need to be cared for? This is a topic that should…

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Experienced Home Care Could Save Your Spring Getaway

Home Care in Havana FL

Home Care in Havana FL You’ve been taking care of your aging mother for several months. Maybe it’s been even longer than that. No matter how long it has been since you started as a family caregiver, you realize the benefits of taking a break every once in a while and getting away for vacation.…

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