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Thyroid Awareness Month: Symptoms of Thyroid Disease

Home Care in Monticello FL: Symptoms of Thyroid Disease

Take time during January’s Thyroid Awareness Month to learn about the thyroid. This small gland sits in the front of the neck near the throat. Many important organs rely on the thyroid. Learn the symptoms that can indicate something is wrong. Signs of an Overactive Thyroid. When the thyroid produces too much thyroid hormone, processes…

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How Can You Help Your Senior to Deal with a Loss?

Home Care in Monticello FL: Dealing with Loss

Loss can really take a toll on anyone, but it can be devastating for your elderly family member. No matter what type of loss she’s facing, she needs your support to be able to get through to the other side. Assess What She Truly Needs from You. Your elderly family member might need you to…

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What You Should Know About Heart Attacks

Home Care in Monticello FL: Things to Know About Heart Attacks

Heart disease remains the leading cause of death among both men and women. Each year throughout the United States more than 610,000 people die as a result of heart disease. These statistics can be startling for you as a family caregiver, but it is important to acknowledge them so that you can learn as much…

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5 Facts Families Living with ALS Should Know


ALS stands for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, but the disease is perhaps best known by its other name—Lou Gehrig’s disease, after the famous baseball player who was diagnosed with the disease during the 1930s. Approximately 6,000 people are diagnosed with ALS each year in the United States, and around 20,000 Americans are currently living with ALS.…

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Ways to Make Bathroom Time Easier for Your Senior Parent


Home Care in Monticello FL   As your parent gets older, it may become difficult for them to do many of the things they used to do with ease. Although they have a home care provider, they may still choose to handle some daily activities on their own. Activities like bathing and using the bathroom…

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Grapefruit Month

Home Care in Monticello FL

Home Care in Monticello FL They may be a breakfast cliché, but did you know that grapefruit can actually be a highly beneficial element of your senior’s diet? Grapefruit is a cross between an orange and a pomelo, two fruits that can combine to create a wide range of flavor experiences, from bitter and acidic…

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