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Six Types of Lists that Can Make Your Life Easier as a Caregiver

Home Care in Quincy FL: Using Lists to Make Caregiving Easier

You might find yourself making lists quite a bit as a caregiver, but some specific ones can make your life and your tasks as a caregiver a lot easier. Your Senior’s Medical Team. Depending on your aging family member’s overall health, she may see several different doctors or specialists. Keeping track of all of them…

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How Can You Tell if You’re Being a Successful Caregiver?

Home Care in Quincy FL: Being a Successful Caregiver

Family caregivers are unbelievably hard on themselves. You’re dealing with a difficult situation, so perfection is not a goal that you need to strive for, yet that happens way too often. Here’s how to assess your own success as a family caregiver. Look at What You’re Expecting of Yourself As a family caregiver, you probably…

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Short Ribs for Your Passover Meal


Home Care in Quincy FL Preparing for a special holiday observance like Passover can be a meaningful and beneficial time in your home care journey with your aging parent. This is a time that you can connect with your senior loved one as well as feel closer to all of the family that came before…

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6 Tips for a Better Morning if Your Loved One Has Arthritis


Home Care in Quincy FL Mornings can be a complicated time for your loved one with arthritis. If she’s trying to do too much, too soon, she may find that the stiffness and pain only get worse. Here are some tips that can make mornings much easier to handle. Modify the Nightly Routine Sometimes a…

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