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How Can You Tell if Your Senior Has a Bladder Infection?

Senior Care in Monticello FL: Signs of a Bladder Infection

Bladder infections may not be something that your senior has dealt with much in the past, but you need to know what to watch for now. Quite often aging adults can have a bladder infection and have no idea that’s what is going on. This happens because of all the changes that your senior goes…

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Three Rules To Keep Your Mom Safe During Her Daily Walk

Senior Care in Monticello FL: Daily Walk Safety

You love that your mom likes to go for long walks every day. You do worry about her safety. Here are three rules your mom should follow when walking to keep her safe. 1. Stay Alert. Your mom should be paying attention to what’s happening in front of her. She’ll want to scan for people…

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5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Aging Parents


With Mother’s Day right around the corner, the question is, “What to get the person who has everything?” When it comes to Mom this Mother’s Day, here are five ideas for gifts that will probably outdo last year. 1.  Scan all her Photos Since Mom was born before the digitized world, she grew up with photo albums.…

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Heart-Healthy Recipe To Ward Off Heart Disease In Seniors


Senior Care in Monticello FL When it comes to senior care, maintaining a healthy weight and increasing nutrition is vital to guard your loved one against heart disease. But it becomes more difficult when you are told that thefood you have been eating all of your life is now no good for you. Limiting less…

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Helpful Hurricane Preparedness Tips for Seniors

Senior Care in Monticello FL

Senior Care in Monticello FL Mother Nature is definitely a force that should not be messed with, and one of the most devastating of her forces is the hurricane. Each year, thousands of businesses and homes are destroyed and, as a result, some people are left homeless. The intensity and frequency of hurricanes varies and there…

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