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The Benefits of Live-in Home Care Following Hip Replacement Surgery

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Hip replacement surgery is one of the most common types of surgery required for the elderly. A hip replacement involves replacing an injured, damaged or worn hip joint and replacing it with a Home Care in Thomasville GAmedical device that functions like a natural hip. Arthritis is a common cause for hip replacement, which means the person is already frequently experiencing pain. Following the surgery, an elderly person will remain in the hospital for several weeks, but when discharged he will continue to require help. Live-in care is an excellent option for those who prefer to go home after a hospital discharge as opposed to going to a nursing home for rehabilitation. Live-in companion care allows your parent to return home and continue to receive the assistance necessary for recovery.

Benefits of 24-Hour Care
There are several benefits to having live-in home care for someone who has gone through hip replacement surgery, including:

  • If your aging parent lives in a rural area and you live some distance away, you can feel comfortable knowing your parent has live-in companion care and that he is not home alone.
  • Following hip replacement surgery, most people are anxious to get back to their own home and once they are ready to be discharged with 24-hour home care already arranged, the discharge is less stressful and you as well as the medical staff are ensures a safe return home.
  • A live-in care provider can help your parents regain their strength and independence, which will encourage a quick transfer back to their lifestyle before being admitted into the hospital.
  • Following hip replacement surgery, there will be about 8 to 12 weeks where your parent will be unable to even simple household tasks, especially those that involve bending or putting weight on the hips. Live-in home care providers will help with the household tasks, so your parent can rest and heal.
  • Having live-in companion care service helps to prevent the risk of readmission to the hospital, because the care provider is there to help your parent relax, provide companionship, which helps prevent depression and offers support while they heal.
  • A live-in home care provider will be available to help with personal care, such as bathing, dressing, shopping and meal preparations.
  • Hip replacement surgery can be debilitating and overwhelming for seniors. One of the biggest risks of going home to soon after surgery is a risk of depression.

A 24-hour care provider can be provided for the duration most suitable for your parent, whether it is for just one week to several weeks until full recovery is made. A live-in home care companion will be able to provide a wide range of services, from general housekeeping tasks to merely sitting with your parent and watching a movie together. The goal is to have a safe and quick recovery period following this type of surgery and with live-in home care, you can rest assured that your parent is not dealing with recovery alone.

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