Senior Care in Tallahassee FL: Preparing for Hip Replacement Surgery

Senior Care in Tallahassee FL: Preparing for Hip Replacement Surgery

Undergoing hip replacement surgery can be one of the most positively impactful experiences that your parent can experience during their later years. This surgery can help them to experience less pain and more mobility, reduce fall risk and increase physical activity, and improve overall function and independence as they age in place. Taking the time to properly prepare for this surgery can help to ease stress and anxiety related to the procedure while also improving their physical experience of the procedure and recovery.

Some things that you can do as their family caregiver to help your parent prepare for their hip replacement surgery include:

  • Get them active. While your senior is likely to have limited mobility if they are preparing for a hip replacement surgery, you can still help them by getting them more active. Even small amounts of activity now can help them to shed unwanted pounds and improve their physical condition while also getting them into the habit of being active so that it is easier for them after surgery.
  • Talk to them about it. Even though hip replacement surgery is very common and has a high success rate, the prospect of going through such a procedure can be very intimidating for your loved one. They might worry about how they are going to deal with the surgery and if they are going to be able to recover. Talk to them about how they are feeling and their concerns so that you can reassure them and give them more confidence.
  • Write down questions and concerns. If either of you have any questions about the procedure or the recovery period, write them down. This way you will be able to bring them up with the medical team before the surgery. Getting answers to your questions and resolutions to concerns will help both of you to feel more at ease and ensure that you are ready to take on the challenges of recovery after the surgery.


If your aging parent has been struggling with challenges or limitations, or has recently undergone a major medical treatment such as a hip replacement surgery, starting senior care for them can be an exceptional boost to their life. A senior home care services provider can be with your elderly loved one on a customized schedule to ensure that they get the care, support, and assistance that they need while allowing you to remain at the forefront of their care. If they are dealing with a particularly challenging issue, a care provider can help your loved one to understand what is expected of them, offer reminders to remain compliant with their medications and treatments, support good lifestyle decisions, and offer companionship and encouragement to help them cope with the issues that they are facing. As a family caregiver this can give you tremendous peace of mind knowing that your loved one is in good hands both when you are able to be with them and when you are not.

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Jami D. Eddy

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