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Providing Senior Care Services in North Florida
Hopewell In-Home Senior Care

Tallahassee Area: 850-386-5552

Gainesville Area: 352-415-2511

Hopewell In-Home Senior Care

Tallahassee Area: 850-386-5552

Gainesville Area: 352-415-2511

Providing Senior Care Services in North Florida
Hopewell In-Home Senior Care
Tallahassee: 850-386-5552
Gainesville: 352-415-2511

Become a Home Health Aide
through the Hopewell Care Academy

Florida Statutes

400.497 Rules establishing minimum standards.—The agency shall adopt, publish, and enforce rules to implement part II of chapter 408 and this part, including, as applicable, ss. 400.506 and 400.509, which must provide reasonable and fair minimum standards relating to:

(1) The home health aide competency test and home health aide training. The agency shall create the home health aide competency test and establish the curriculum and instructor qualifications for home health aide training. Licensed home health agencies may provide this training and shall furnish documentation of such training to other licensed home health agencies upon request. Successful passage of the competency test by home health aides may be substituted for the training required under this section and any rule adopted pursuant thereto.

Florida Administrative Code

59A-8.0095 Personnel.

(d) For every home health aide, a home health agency shall have on file documentation of successful completion of at least forty hours of training in the following subject areas or successful passage of the competency test as stated in paragraph (j), pursuant to section 400.497(1), F.S.:

1. Communication skills;
2. Observation, reporting and documentation of patient or client status and the care or services provided;
3. Reading and recording temperature, pulse and respiration;
4. Basic infection control procedures;
5. Basic elements of body functions that must be reported to the registered nurse supervisor;
6. Maintenance of a clean and safe environment;
7. Recognition of emergencies and applicable follow-up within the home health aide scope of performance;
8. Physical, emotional, and developmental characteristics of the populations served by the agency, including the need for respect for the patient or client, his privacy, and his property;
9. Appropriate and safe techniques in personal hygiene and grooming, including bed bath, sponge, tub, or shower bath; shampoo, sink, tub, or bed; nail and skin care; oral hygiene; care of dentures;
10. Safe transfer techniques, including use of appropriate equipment, and ambulation;
11. Normal range of motion and positioning;
12. Nutrition and fluid intake;
13. Cultural differences in families;
14. Food preparation and household chores;
15. Assistance with self-administered medication. Home health aides and CNAs assisting with self-administered medication, pursuant to Section 400.488, F.S., must receive a minimum of 2 hours of training (which can be part of the 40 hour home health training) prior to assuming this responsibility. Training must cover state law and rule requirements with respect to the assistance with self-administration of medications in the home, procedures for assisting the patient with self-administration of medication, common medications, recognition of side effects and adverse reactions and procedures to follow when patients appear to be experiencing side effects and adverse reactions. Training must include verification that each CNA and home health aide can read the prescription label and any instructions. Individuals who cannot read must not be permitted to assist with prescription medications. Other courses taken in fulfillment of this requirement must be documented and maintained in the home health aide’s and the CNA’s personnel file.

16. Other topics pertinent to home health aide services.

(f) Home health agencies which teach the home health aide course to their employees pursuant to section 400.497(1), F.S., but who are not classified as a nonpublic post-secondary career school by Florida’s Department of Education, must issue the following documentation to individuals at the time of successful completion of the training course. The documentation must include the following: the title “Home Health Aide Documentation;” the name, address, phone number, and license number of the home health agency; the student’s name, address, phone number, and social security number; total number of clock hours completed in the training; the number of clock hours for each unit or topic of training; signature of the person who directed the training; and the date the training was completed. It must be stated on the documentation that section 400.497(1), F.S., permits the home health agency conducting this training to provide such documentation.

(g) Home health training documentation issued by a home health agency on or after October 1, 1999, must contain language as listed in paragraph (f), above.

(h) Home health agencies which teach the home health aide course, but who are not an approved nonpublic post-secondary career school, cannot charge a fee for the training and cannot issue a document of completion with the words “diploma,” “certificate,” “certification of completion,” or “transcript.” The home health agency is limited to advertising in the “Help Wanted” section of the papers. The home health agency cannot advertise that they are offering “training for home health aides.” The agency can indicate that they are hiring home health aides and will train.

(i) Home health aide training must be performed by or under the general supervision of a registered nurse who possesses a minimum of two years nursing experience one of which must have been in the provision of home health care.

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Hopewell In-Home Senior Care is a licensed and insured senior care company that serves individuals who need personal care, or just extra help with activities of daily living.

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